Courses List
No Course Title Level
1    Philosophy of Geography    B.Sc.
2    Essentials of Population Geography    B.Sc.
3    Population Geography of Iran    B.Sc.
4    Philosophy of the Geography    B.Sc.
5    Theories in Rural Development    M.Sc.
6    Rural Management    M.Sc.
7    Human and Environment    M.Sc.
8    Research Method in Geography    M.Sc.
9    Geographical Pl. Schools    M.Sc.
10        M.Sc.
11    Methodology and Research Technique    Ph.D
12    Theories and Approaches to Rural and Tribal Planning    Ph.D
13    Methods and Models for LocatingVillages    Ph.D
14    The Status of Villages in Great Domestic Planning    
15    Ecosystem Management and Rural Development    B.Sc.
16    Population Geography of Iran    B.Sc.
17    Geography and Tourism Industry    B.Sc.
18    Theories in Rural Development    M.Sc.
19    Rural Management    M.Sc.
20    Rural Planning With Concentration on Iran    M.Sc.
21    Rural Planning workshop (Project)    M.Sc.
22    Strategic Management of Rural Development    M.Sc.
23    Human and Environment    M.Sc.
24    Research Methods in Geography    M.Sc.
25    Geographical School of Thought    M.Sc.
26    Management of Environmental Sustainable Development in Rural Areas    M.Sc.
27    Geography, Environment and Ideology    Ph.D
28    Methodology and Research Techniques    Ph.D
29    Explanation of Problem and Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis in Rural Planning    Ph.D
30    Analysis of Idea System of Spatial Planning of Environmental Quality in Rural Area    Ph.D
31    Analysis of idea system of spatial plaming of envionment galifg in rural arca    Ph.D
32    Geopolitics and development (with an emphasis on Iran and Peripheral Realms)    Ph.D
33    Explanation of Ideas theories and approaches in rural development    Ph.D
34    Philosophy and research methodology in rural development planning    Ph.D
35    Community sustainable development in rural areas    Ph.D
36    Methods and Models for Rural Locating    Ph.D
37    Spatial Analysis of Rural Development Problems    Ph.D
38    The Status of Villages in Macro Level Planning    Ph.D
39    Analytical Methods in Geomorphology    Ph.D